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1x1 – The Blood Warfare

The 13 Division Imperial Guards investigate strange occurrences in the Human World and the Wandering Soul City as both Ichigo Kurosaki and Captain-Commander Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto are confronted by mysterious enemies.

1x2 – Foundation Stones

Ichigo and his friends travel to Hueco Mundo after Nel and Pesche reveal that Tier Harribel is being imprisoned by Yhwach. Upon arriving in the Hollow World, they come across and spy on a mysterious group gathering captives.

1x3 – March of the StarCross

Ichigo and Quilge clash; the Captain's meeting continues to progress as they discuss the new threat. Having already conquered Hueco Mundo, Yhwach and The Wandenreich seizes these opportunities to strike the Soul Society.

1x4 – Kill The Shadow

The Soul Society suffers heavy losses from the Sternritter's surprise attack. The 13 Divisions Imperial Guards begin to realize a vital mistake they have been making against the invaders.

1x5 – Wrath as a Lightning

Akon establishes a connection with Ichigo, who attempts to travel to the Soul Society for much-needed backup. He is denied the opportunity by a sudden blockade in the portal set up by Quilge -bloodshed continues in the Soul Society.

1x6 – The Fire

The Wandenreich and Yhwach swiftly defeat several Captains and Lieutenants. Understanding the severity of the situation, Captain-Commander Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto advances to the front lines to face off against the Quincy King.

1x7 – Born in the Dark

The Wardenriech begin to wrap up and withdraw from the devastated Soul Society however are stopped by Ichigo, who finally arrives at the scene. He has one last chance at vengeance with a showdown against Yhwach.

1x8 – The Shooting Star Project (Zero Mix)

The gotei 13 regroups after their crushing defeat by the Quincy empire, wandenriech. The arrival of a certain group is announced that may turn the tide of battle.

1x9 – The Drop

The Gotei 13 is still recovering from their loses and in the meantime, the new head captain is being appointed who has taken some major decisions for the welfare of soul society. And we get a glimpse of what real fear looks like as the first kenpachi and the current kenpachi clashes.

1x10 – The Battle

While Zaraki and Unohana continue their battle for the title of Kenpachi, Ichigo and Renji's training with the Zero Division continues, as Ichigo learns the shocking truth about his Zanpakuto.

1x11 – Everything But The Rain

Banished from the Soul Society, a devastated Ichigo takes shelter of her former employee. Afterwards, Isshin tells his son the truth about the past.

1x12 – Everything But The Rain June Truth

Isshin explains to Ichigo how he and Masaki met and the circumstances that led to her death.

1x13 – The Blade Is Me

As the Soul Society prepares to fight the Quincy again, Ichigo learns the truth about Zangetsu and works towards uncovering his true Zanpakuto.

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