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7lgbwgaurdgihyvkuvx2h6pjqkf 1x1 – Nachtflug

The airship Tristan is hijacked by a member of the Fleurs du Mal who demands the release of his comrades held in Vatican captivity. But one passenger stands in his way - Abel Nightroad.

R0qjkiuknzawvxehvhpatxd0pkv 1x2 – Hexenjagt

Abel encounters a girl with abilities both strange and deadly. When she attempts to flee, Abel must turn against his own in order to save her life.

Yft6gyy8x96z9t0o1xmjtaisk8s 1x3 – Stern der Trauer (Teil 1) - Stadt des Blutes

Abel's search for the "star" has tangled him in the web of war. Sister Esther seeks vengeance for the death of her mentor and has gone to great lengths in her quest to eliminate the one ultimately responsible.

Cmqyutlgoklapw2com9ew2mp8c7 1x4 – Stern der Trauer (Teil 2) - Das Fest des Jägers

The Rosen Kreuz has surfaced again. Fueling the personal revenge of others for their own evil ends, the nefarious order could plunge both races back into the dark days of Armageddon.

Lzbtf1b1wlr2gsyaxlz0mxaeqa8 1x5 – Gestern, heute und morgen

After returning to Rome and joining AX, Sister Esther encounters a crying boy on the vast grounds. Following her attempts at comforting him, she learns that he is none other than Pope Alessandro.

Mnbziwbixiznpuil7mbkfukh9lg 1x6 – Schwerttänzer

The murder of clergy in Amsterdam, their bodies drained of blood, draws Lady Caterina's attention. The local vampires, fearing Vatican retribution, seek out those responsible as Father Hugue investigates.

7yxfxwkmvpgd94qzwnokuobkdpv 1x7 – Nimmerland

A string of freighter attacks seems to be the work of unusual vampiric faeries. On an island meant to be a retreat for the orphaned, Abel and former AX agent Leon investigate the mystery.

Qzgqsoobt9q3ncqchrn24mtiac5 1x8 – Leises Geräusch

Abel and Sister Noelle travel to Barcelona to sift through the ruins of the collapsed National Palace. True feelings surface against such a beautiful backdrop - but so does the face of the enemy.

Qzgqsoobt9q3ncqchrn24mtiac5 1x9 – Overcount (Teil 1) - Der Glockenturm von Downfall

AX scrambles to prevent Rosen Kreuz from destroying Rome with the Silent Noise device, but they may have to act without Abel. Driven by despair, Abel considers turning in his gun.

4yl3vqrsrvozeuvel4nlzqmbgh6 1x10 – Overcount (Teil 2) - Lucifers Entscheidung

Under house arrest, Lady Caterina finds herself face to face with a manipulative enemy. Abel's efforts to save her result in an encounter with a dangerous new foe.

Kjxyjkrffj2nlbp4trxybbbbp95 1x11 – Vom Königreich

To hunt a mass murderer in Venice, Nightroad works with Asta, who holds a great deal of contempt for all things human.

Hfjqlzwki8nclkvo69lzfv49lt4 1x12 – Die Iblis (Teil 1) - Abendlicher Besucher

Whispers of an assassination attempt on the Lady Caterina turn agents of the Vatican against each other. Abel seeks a safe path through the hostilities harbored by both sides, and Esther must be the guide.

Hyagy2vm2m4ijparfo4nytdna5o 1x13 – Die Iblis (Teil 2) - Verräterischer Glanz

Abel and Esther must protect the messenger from the Empire, Ion Fortuna. And as Cartago undergoes martial law, hope rests on the small group of refugees, alone and outnumbered, forced underground.

18tt6xufu4xh1zoefn1vnqnxbxv 1x14 – Die Iblis (Teil 3) - Das Mal der Sünder

As the Puppet Master, a face from Esther's past, creates chaos, the Rosen Kreuz formulates a murderous plan to inflame the hatred between the two races.

Zb6hbntn2p15dbvaagswcete2eb 1x15 – Die Lords der Nacht (Teil 1) - Rückkehr der Gesandten

The Puppet Master has turned Ion's childhood home into a carnival of carnage, and with the young vampire blamed for the atrocities, Abel must seek help from the only other vampire he's ever let live.

3mioxhhw9helnz95owcwdgumzvy 1x16 – Die Lords der Nacht (Teil 2) - Zwielicht der Hauptstadt

Abel and Asta plan to plead Ion's case to the Imperial Council, and Ion and Esther search the city for answers. But when their trail leads to further intrigue, betrayal comes from beyond the grave.

5soezzbm1hxxczn5fobo34zfhp9 1x17 – Die Lords der Nacht (Teil 3) - Die Insel der Kinder ihres Geliebten

While Esther recovers from her injuries with the help of the enigmatic child Seth, Ion is stunned to find himself face to face with Radu.

Cvtvplfazzlgkdghapbzvsxqpxi 1x18 – Die Lords der Nacht (Teil 4) - Der Jadepalast

Ion and Esther find themselves unwitting pawns in an elaborate plot to murder the Empress. As treachery emerges from shadow, so does a ghost from Ester's past.

W6w9rlsq2jqjf8wvc6dqlqvzjf7 1x19 – Die Lords der Nacht (Teil 5) - Start einer Pilgerfahrt

Esther and Ion are freed from prison, and the true identity of the Empress is revealed. When she joins Abel in battle against Dietrich, secrets of the past come to light.

Glbntcavrblbufuokoq0ndfzzw0 1x20 – Der Thron der Rosen (Teil 1) - Königreich des Nordens

While in Londinium for the Queen of Albion's funeral, Esther and Pope Alessandro are taken hostage by vampires. The AX must rescue them before Cardinal Medici makes a martyr of the Pope.

Euj1wmv5lrayajdobbvc96ytcrg 1x21 – Der Thron der Rosen (Teil 2) - Die Zuflucht

The AX, the Inquisitorial Department, and the rebel terrorists each race to find Pope Alessandro first. Meanwhile, the Rosen Kreuz prepares to exploit the crisis for its own sinister purpose.

Vaxeaxlkofmwnmshdmbnm4woyyy 1x22 – Der Thron der Rosen (Teil 3) - Herren des Abgrunds

Rosen Kreuz soldiers slaughter the underground populace, while Petro battles to guide the Pope to safety. Abel's confrontation with Dietrich leads to a foe of even greater power.

Fcgc7oqlixeq20jd2yzjrntk9jn 1x23 – Die Krone des Throns (Teil 1) - Stadt im Nebel

Cain and Isaak Fernand von Kampfer begin the first phase of their quest to destroy the people of the world, both human and vampire. Meanwhile, a startling revelation awaits Esther, one that will forever reshape her destiny.

Ti8nysiktkiynioggna2kyb9kq8 1x24 – Die Krone des Throns (Teil 2) - Die Straße des Fluchs

Allies and enemies, both human and vampire, work together against the enemy of the world - the Contra Mundi. Resurrected from the grave, not even death can keep Abel Nightroad from his fate.

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