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1x1 – Ryoko Resurrected

Tenchi Masaki is an ordinary guy who accidentally releases a demon trapped in a forbidden cave. This "demon" has been imprisoned for hundreds of years, and now she wants revenge! Looks like Tenchi's in trouble!

1x2 – Here Comes Ayeka!

Things get even crazier for Tenchi when a space princess take him and Ryoko captive! Looks like the poor guy will need a little help if he wants to return to Earth!

1x3 – Hello, Ryo-Ohki!

Ryoko finds a mysterious egg that leads to more space hijinks! Meanwhile, Tenchi and his grandfather work together to hone their sword fighting skills!

1x4 – Mihoshi Falls to the Land of Stars

The arrival of a bumbling Galaxy Police officer leads to outrageous adventures, and Tenchi's vacation to the hot springs is sure to prompt an outbreak of nosebleeds!

1x5 – Kagato Attacks!

When a dangerous space criminal comes looking for Ryoko, Tenchi and the gang must spring into action! They'll need a spaceship to give chase, and Ryo-Ohki might be able to help!

1x6 – We Need Tenchi

After what happened to Tenchi, the girls are out for vengeance! Back on Earth, Sasami summons a battleship and Mihoshi sets and ancient genius free!

1x7 – The Night Before the Carnival

Life is chaotic at the Masaki household as Ayeka and Washu plant a spaceship, Ryoko makes a play for Tenchi, and Mihoshi is tricked into reporting back to GP Headquarters.

1x8 – Hello Baby!

When Tenchi and his ladies are forced to watch his baby cousin, all heck breaks loose! Poor Tenchi is clueless, the ladies are hopeless, and only Washu can restore order to the hosue!

1x9 – Sasami and Tsunami

It's time for a trip to the hot springs! Unfortunately, there are a lot of repairs that need to be made before Tenchi and the girls can get wet and wild!

1x10 – I Love Tenchi

Tempers flare when Ryoko damages a robe that once belonged to Tenchi's dearly departed mother! Things get even worse when Ryoko's hurt feelings turn into a colony of shape-shifting creatures!

1x11 – The Advent of the Goddess

Devious Dr. Clay sends the robot Zero to abduct Washu, but once the lady robot meets Tenchi, she forgets about anything that doesn't involve the boy of her dreams!

1x12 – Zero Ryoko

Tenchi and Washu pursue Zero in an attempt to rescue the real Ryoko! Later, Washu reveals the dark past of Dr. Clay!

1x13 – Here Comes Jurai

Once again, Tenchi's life is thrown into chaos by the arrival of visitors from Jurai! This time, Ayeka looks to be headed for an arranged marriage unless Tenchi can win a duel!

1x14 – Visitor from Afar
1x15 – Fiancée
1x16 – Strategy
1x17 – Here Comes Misao on the Chobimaru!
1x18 – Operation: Lovey-Dovey
1x19 – Z

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